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Company formation in Poland. How to start running a business?

Company formation in Poland is a process which consists of a few steps requiring some time and effort. This process also known as company registration or incorporation of a business, but no matter how it is called, it constitutes the easy and transparent way to start a new enterprise.
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Relief for start-ups in Poland

The start-up relief exempts individuals running a sole proprietorship from paying social security contributions in Poland for a period of six months. What are the conditions that an individual must meet in order to qualify for this relief and who is eligible?
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How to start your business in Poland?

The Polish market is open to foreign entrepreneurs, also from outside of the European Union. This means that individuals from abroad may freely run a business in Poland and, consequently, may also without any obstacles buy a shelf company in order to run such a business.
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How to set up a limited liability company in Poland?

A limited liability company is the preferred form of doing business in Poland. You can establish it on your own or choose a faster and simpler alternative of buying a ready-made company. There are approximately 10,000 new limited liability companies registered every quarter to compare with only about 1,200 civil partnerships and less than 20 limited joint-stock partnerships. So what is the reason behind such popularity of a limited liability company?
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Partnerships and companies in Poland - which form of taxation to choose?

Each firm is obliged to settle taxes on the terms provided for a given form of busines activity. Companies having legal personality are CIT payers, while in partnerships the tax is settled by the partners individually, but not in all cases. So, which form of taxation should be chosen?
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What can constitute the shareholders' contribution to a limited liability company in Poland?

When establishing or buying a ready-made limited liability company one has to be prepared to make the obligatory contribution to the company[ap]s share capital required by the Commercial Companies Code provisions.
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Registration of a company by a foreigner in Poland

Establishing and running a business or purchase of a ready-made company by foreigners in Poland are not problematic, especially for citizens of EU Member States, the easiest solution for them is to register or purchase a limited liability company.
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Ready-made companies for sale in Poland

Ready-made companies for sale enable an almost immediate start of business activity. They are free of any obligations and their purchase helps to save time and money, which is taken by the traditional registration process.
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Comparison of partnerships to companies in Poland - table

Comparison of legal and formal aspects of setting up partnerships and comapnies.
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Who may become a shareholder in a limited liability company in Poland?

A limited liability company, abbreviated as spółka z o.o., is the most popular form of conducting business activity in Poland and most willingly bought company from among all ready-made companies for sale.
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Companies vs. partnerships in Poland

An acquisition of a ready-made company/partnership involves a number of important decisions. Firstly, you will have to decide which entity to choose by carefully analysing the available legal forms of conducting business activity.
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