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Date of publication: 2020-05-04

Ready-made companies for sale

Ready-made companies for sale enable an almost immediate start of business activity. They are free of any obligations and their purchase helps to save time and money, which is taken by the traditional registration process.

Ready-made companies - what they are and why they are worth buying

Ready-made companies, also known as shelf companies, are entities ready to operate, with KRS, REGON and NIP numbers, and with a "pure history" - with no previous business activity. Paid-up capital, VAT registration, lack of financial liabilities and debts as well as operational readiness to conduct business operations are just a few of the many reasons why it is worth choosing a shelf company over the traditional multi-week process of setting up a company on your own.
The purchase of a ready-made company is an excellent alternative to registering an entity "from scratch". A sale-ready company can start its activity immediately upon completion of a share sale and purchase transaction. Another important thing is the guarantee of transaction security as well as support and experience of the entity offering the purchase.

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Ready companies for sale - benefits

Sale of ready-made companies in Poland enjoys considerable interest and popularity. Not only does it allow to avoid many stressful formalities, but also, and perhaps most importantly, it provides an entity fully ready to start business activity - with a ready-made company, an entrepreneur gains even a few weeks head start.

Key benefits of acquiring a ready-made company include:

  • time saving - (waiting time for KRS (National Court Register) entry usually takes up to 7 days while waiting time for the decision of the Tax Office on granting a VAT registration number extends the procedure by another 21 days),
  • professional support and advisory services,
  • full range of PKD (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities),
  • complementary services including accounting and tax services, legal assistance and the possibility of using a virtual office,
  • a minimum of formalities and a set of documentation ready,
  • reliability and security.

Moreover, the offer of ready-made companies for sale is no longer limited to the so-called clean shelf companies. The future entrepreneur can choose from a wide range of companies for sale, from companies with a long-term history to companies with VAT-EU number, or ready-made foreign and offshore companies.

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