Internal Remuneration Regulations

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If the employer does not have a collective labor agreement which establishes the terms of remuneration for work and other work-related benefits in a manner and to the extent that it is possible to define individual terms of the employment contract, he or she shall determine these conditions in the remuneration regulations. This obligation applies to workplaces employing at least 50 employees. If the employer who employs at least 20 employees the application for its determination is filed by the trade union organization, then it is also obligatory. An employer not named determines the remuneration regulations optionally.

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The remuneration regulations are established by the employer in agreement with the company trade union organization. If there is no employee organization in the workplace, this entitles the employer to establish fully autonomous regulations. The remuneration regulations are in force until the employees are covered by a collective labor agreement, determining the terms of remuneration for work and granting other work-related benefits to the extent and in a manner enabling the determination, on its basis, of individual terms of employment contracts. Persons who are not included in the collective labor agreement, the regulations do not apply. The regulations may not define the terms of remuneration of employees managing the workplace on behalf of the employer and persons managing the workplace on a basis other than an employment relationship. After two weeks from the date it is communicated to employees in the manner adopted by a given employer, the remuneration regulations enter into force.


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