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What is the cost of a ready-made company in Poland?

Buying a ready-made limited liability company is a simple and quick way to start doing business in Poland. Before buying a company, however, it is worth checking what exactly makes up the cost of it and what services the client will receive as part of the purchase price.

The prices of ready-made companies offered on the market can significantly differ from one another. Often, the final cost of buying a limited liability company depends on various factors, e.g. what actions have been included in a given price and what the features of the company on offer has. Additional services are also important, such as accounting services necessary to run a business after purchase, and initially a higher price often turns out to be much more advantageous than cheaper options with hidden costs.

What makes up the cost of buying a limited liability company in Poland?

A limited liability company is one of the most popular forms of doing business in Poland. The minimum share capital of a limited liability company in Poland is PLN 5,000, while the price range for the purchase of a ready-made limited liability company may vary, because the final price consists of many individual components. What components? We explain below.

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On MyLegalStore, the purchase price of a ready-made limited liability company in Poland with REGON, NIP and VAT numbers and with an open bank account in PLN and EUR in a reputable bank depends on the selected package.

Buy a ready-made company: Check the price of MyLegalStore packages

Each ready-made company on our offer has an open bank account in a reputable bank, which allows you to reduce time-consuming formalities and after updating KYC documents by the client following the sale, it allows you to quickly start operations after purchasing shares of the acquired company.  In addition, the client receives a guarantee of purchasing a “clean” company.

The price of a ready-made company in Poland in MyLegalStore includes:

  • registered address in Warsaw until the sale of shares
  • KRS, NIP and REGON numbers
  • VAT and EU VAT registration
  • bank account
  • share capital contributed the company

In addition, as part of the selected MyLegalStore package, the client receives in the price:

  • possibility to buy the company on the basis of a power of attorney without the need to visit Poland / Warsaw

Buying a ready-made company – actions and documents

The cost of buying a ready-made company on MLS includes many actions on the part of the selling company, and these include:

  • obtaining all the necessary data of shareholder(s) and future directors of the company (learn more: Who may become a shareholder in a limited liability company? )
  • preparing the necessary powers of attorney and contacting the client
  • drafting the share sale agreement
  • taking the minutes of the shareholders’ meeting approving the sale of shares, dismissing the current member of the management board – the nominee director and appointing new members of the management board
  • certified translation of the power of attorney and signature of future directors of the company (English-Polish translation is included in the price, translation from languages other than English is an extra cost)
  • executing the share sale agreement before a notary public (notary fee is included in the purchase price)
  • preparing and submitting PCC3 forms (tax on civil law transactions)
  • NIP registration for the buyer
  • preparing a new list of shareholders, entry in the share book, notifications about the sale of shares to be signed by the new management board members
  • preparing information about mailing addresses of management board members and mailing addresses of shareholders
  • preparing and submitting applications to the National Court Register for registration of a change of shareholder and members of the company’s management board (court fee of PLN 350 is borne by the client)

The client, in turn, is obliged to provide all necessary data and pay the total price for the purchase of the company before signing the share sale agreement. In addition, the buyer should pay the tax on civil law transactions (PCC) in the amount of 1% of the transaction value to the competent tax office within 14 days from the date of transaction.

Ready-made company in Poland – additional services

Unlike our competitors who offer the purchase of a ready-made limited liability company, MyLegalStore in the purchase price also offers an option of free general advice related to the purchase process, regarding areas such as:

  • employment
  • taxes
  • registration issues
  • accounting
  • collecting relevant data.

In addition, our clients can enjoy comprehensive support after the purchase of a ready-made company for an extra fee, in the field of:

  • amendments to the company’s articles of association
  • increase of the share capital
  • remote transfer of a bank account
  • accounting services
  • corporate secretarial services
  • legal and tax services
  • obtaining digital signature
  • applying for PESEL number
  • HR and payroll services
  • registration in the Central Register of Beneficial Owners

Our clients can start their business with the moment they buy a limited liability company. There is no need to wait for registration or other administrative activities, and the purchased company meets all formal, legal and registration requirements.  When the client buys a ready-made company from us, it has a guaranteed purchase price with no need to worry about hidden costs.


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