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Purchase of a ready-made company in 3 simple steps

Purchasing of a ready-made firm in 3 steps

The purchase of a ready-made company in any chosen country in the world is a simple way to start business operations without the necessity to visit the country and waste time in the local registration offices. The buyer of the company when visiting My Legal Store website is only three simple steps away from his new firm. Leave us your contact data and we will contact you to guide you through our streamlined process.

Step #1
When buying a shelf company first of all it is worth considering what firm we want to have and in what location. Nowadays, there is a wide range of ready-made companies available for purchase. The most popular are limited liability companies (LLCs), which can be found in almost every corner of the world. Limited liability companies are focused on supporting investments and creating capital, and a person’s financial liability is limited to a certain amount, usually up to the value of the initial capital investment in the company.

Moreover, the pre-registered companies offered for sale are available almost immediately but the exact timing depends on the jurisdiction and local legislation, as well as on the other details, such as for example VAT registration and licences, so it is advisable to know exactly what option we need and what business operations we plan to conduct.


The location, type and details of a company are already chosen. We offer ready-made companies tailored to clients` needs in almost any country in the world and what is more when deciding to buy a company at MLS you do not have to worry about any formalities or hidden cost. Our offer is clear, transparent and customized to the demands of modern business.

Based on your predefined criteria, My Legal Store consultants will provide you with an attractive and competitive offer. If you need any help or advice, our experienced experts are at your disposal. Just fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, we ensure clients with written statements confirming that companies offered have never conducted any business activity, employed workers or performed any accounting transactions and have no liabilities and if needed, our professionals will help you at every stage of obtaining a bank account for a new company, no matter where it is located. All you need is the decision to purchase a shelf company, we will take care of any formalities and requirements.

After contacting My Legal Store and deciding to buy a company, it is time to move on to formalities. The purchase of a ready-made company requires only few documents to be prepared by the client. The process of acquiring a new entity is simple, so the client is asked to deliver few documents and information necessary to purchase a company. They include:

•    numbers of identity cards of board members and shareholders together with their expiry dates,
•    composition of the Management Board,
•    the distribution of shares among the shareholders,
•    the way the company is represented,
•    the address (location) of the company’s registered office,
•    scope of activity,
•    determination of the amount of the share capital, in case of its change,
•    a new company name, if this is supposed to be changed.

Depending on the local legislation, other documents might be required, but all necessary information will be given in advance by My Legal Store experts. After the documentation is finalised, all we need to do next is to invite our client to sign a purchase agreement in the presence of a notary public and finalise the investment.

To sum up, a purchase of a ready-made company is simple with My Legal Store. No matter what type of a company you want to buy and in what corner of the world, we provide all necessary assistance, advice and a wide range of after-sales services. My Legal Store is all for you! Check our offer and join the group of satisfied investors.

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