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Readymade companies are a quick way to start a business. They can be available in any jurisdiction worldwide and offer many major advantages for new owners, inter alia avoiding the stressful stages of traditional setting up process. Readymade companies also known as ‘off the shelf companies’ offer almost immediate start of running business operations. These are pre-registered companies, available almost immediately – the exact timing depends on the jurisdiction and local legislation, as well as on the details – type of the company, VAT registration, licences, etc, thus “shelf companies” constitute a good alternative to setting up a company from scratch. Buying a readymade company may help a new owner to avoid many difficulties related to the initial stage of a new business and is a best way to eliminate many risks involved.
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Readymade companies tailored to client`s needs

Readymade companies offer a kick-start in the business world. They are available in different options such as:

  • new companies without history
  • aged (vintage) companies (with varying ages and histories)
  • companies with different licenses
  • companies with VAT

and this variety makes them extremely attractive way of starting business catered to the individual needs of new owners.

Moreover, readymade companies for sale can be located anywhere and can be used in numerous sectors. The firms selling such entities usually offer companies available almost all over the world, which means that a new owner can avoid a huge amount of problems related to proper registration rules and various local legal and administrative issues to be kept in mind when setting up a firm and commencing trading abroad.

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